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"I got a promotion!"

"Before we met Tom at AKRTO, the car we had was breaking down a lot. We couldn't count on it to get us anywhere on time, let alone at all. With no reliable transportation, we never knew if we'd be able to get to the grocery store, the post office, a doctor appointment. The biggest impact was on our jobs, our reputation as responsible employees. We tried to find a way to purchase another vehicle, but the initial down payment was so much we knew we couldn't put all of our eggs in that one basket. We often felt degraded and rejected. Eventually we decided that our best solution at the time was to rent a car. We started renting from Tom (Alaska Car & Van Rental).

Right away we could tell things were going to be different. Tom was very personable. He picked us up when our car broke down, and always had a car available when we needed it. We rented from him for several months. But Tom recognized the incredible expense to us. So he talked with us about considering a long-term rental and eventually owning the vehicle after we paid enough in rental fees to add up to the cost of the car. This sounded like a great idea to us. Finally an option to buy a car that was in good condition, and with manageable payments!"